Blogs are important because they are simple, immediate and interactive.

Three Characteristics of a Blog:

  • Frequently updated with entries displayed in reverse chronological order
  • Each post has a headline and a body
  • Contains a link for comments that let readers post their thoughts on a particular blog

The Usefulness of Blogs:

  • Help develop community with readers or viewers so they can test ideas
  • Receive early and direct feedback
  • Publish or broadcast in the timeliest manner
  • Teach a new content-management system
  • Build an audience for your writing or reporting
  • Cultivate a collaborative community once you have an audience

How to Create a Blog:

Ask Yourself These Questions When Creating A Blog:

  • What will you name your blog? (1-3 words)
  • What is a good short description or catchphrase for your blog?
  • What will you write about in your blog? What is its mission (2-3 sentences)

How to Build an Audience for Your Blog:

  • Know what readers want.
  • Organize your ideas. All posts should complement your primary idea.
  • Be direct. Use simple, declarative sentences.
  • Be the authority, with a personality. The right voice is key.
  • Edit. Allow 15 minutes of editing time before publishing a post.
  • Make posts scanable. Use different typographical techniques.
  • Link, summarize and analyze. Attribution is very important!
  • Be specific with headlines.
  • Use photos and screenshots.

Bloggers should also post approximately once a day and participate in a blogging community by reading, commenting and linking to other blogs.