Jon DeNunzio, user engagement editor at the Washington Post, visited out COMM 361 class on March 3 to discuss the value of integrating social media into journalism.

Why use social media?

  • Receive consumer feedback
  • Reach broad audiences
  • Increase interactivity; users/audiences want to be part of the news
  • It’s where the users are – cannot expect they’ll go to your main site
  • Assist journalist with reporting
  • Builds relationship with users; users/audiences want to be talked to and to talk back
  • It allows us to build relationship with users – want to talk to and talk back; can help bring trust back

Be social with users.

  • Run a poll (SurveyGizmo or Twiigs)
  • Pay attention to comments
  • Ask for ideas (AllOurIdeas)
  • Answer user questions
  • Use the knowledge of the crowd, aka “crowd-sourcing”

There are many ways to connect with users/audiences.

Why college students should care.

  • Very few people can contribute an idea about how they can really connect with users
  • Journalism is constantly changing, especially on the digital side